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MASWAN relies on the generosity of our community for its financial needs. Although we currently operate on an extremely small budget, increased donations are crucial to an ability to grow and be a viable institution.

Please donate to our COVID-19 Relief Fund organized with SWOP-Boston here or share:

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In an era where sex workers are rapidly losing agency on all fronts and are constantly battling for control over their own lives and bodies, it is particularly important for our supporters to be fluent in the appropriate ways to approach sex workers’ rights activism. Our movement differs from others because sex workers, like other marginalized groups, are constantly subject to others speaking for us without consulting us, and without a chance for currently working sex workers to be involved in the decision-making process. Our voices are often not consulted, and at the same time, coming forward to advocate for ourselves is a huge risk to take under such intense criminalization. 

This lack of communication with sex workers themselves is the cause of myriad harms to our community—and it’s also how bills like FOSTA get passed. To the vast majority of people, it seems like a good idea to try to control human sex trafficking via internet regulation. However, any sex worker could have told you when the bill was ramping up that it would be a disaster for our community and would even cost some of us our lives.

If you’d like to plan an event or work with us on a project that you think would be helpful, great! The first step is to get in touch and let us know what your idea is so that we can bring it to our sex worker members for evaluation. It is important that any feedback we have be taken into consideration and that such projects proceed in tandem with MASWAN, because only a currently working sex worker can know what is best for our communities and what is really helpful, harmful, or simply a waste of your time. 

In this way, you will not only be supporting us with your energies and your ideas, but also giving us a voice in the process, when our voices are being heavily censored elsewhere.

Thank you!