In February 2018, several MASWAN members spoke to Pat Ford of Coalition Radio about sex work, decriminalization, trafficking, the dangers of increased contact with law enforcement, our work as allies, and much, much more. Listen for the full (and truly spectacular) three hour interview below.

Bobbi Taylor at the Boston University School of Public Health Symposium Understanding Commercial Sex Policy: A Global and US Perspective in November 2017. They speak about sex work, trafficking, and human rights (1:08:22 – 1:33:09).

Articles and News Stories

MASWAN member Lola spoke to Splinter about sex worker organizing to stop the passage of SESTA and FOSTA, specifically noting how the bill will push activist organizations, traffickers, and sex workers who do their work consensually further underground.

MASWAN member Bobbi Taylor gave an interview on trans rights, sex work, and the role of journalists in decreasing stigma in the Public Health Post