New Host, Domain, & Website!

In the past few months, folks in the community have been hit hard by FOSTA/SESTA in various ways. One way we’ve been trying to keep our feet on the ground has been by gathering information from our tech-savvy comrades and trying some changes out on our end.

A few larger lists have gone out to the community – like this work in progress, started for folks who are interested in technical resources. However, that document may seem unwieldy. Another option is this shorter guide for basic information security prepared by NYC’s Democratic Socialists of America which has specific recommendations. This site from the Electronic Frontier Foundation has some basics on threat modeling and how to think about your own personal security needs, which might change often and frequently. Survivors Against SESTA has a good roundup of a few posts too.

However, one of the big holes in safety and security training we’ve noticed isĀ how to set up a website that isn’t hosted by a company based in the US, and isn’t with a domain in the US. We’ve been doing just that, and we’re planning to show how we did it!

We have set up a brand new website! Our old Squarespace site goes down this month, and we’re not planning on resurrecting it. In case you haven’t noticed, our domain name is now .nl – we got our domain in the Netherlands through and we’re using for our hosting needs. To make this transition, we learned more about tech and digital safety online, and we did so to make choices that we think will be safe for a group that does advocacy and harm reduction work.

We’re working with some tech folks to put together a step-by-step training in case anyone is interested in knowing how this process works – and we’re tailoring the content for people who don’t describe themselves as tech-savvy. This process would work for setting up a brand new website or for transferring content from a Squarespace or similar hosting site.

We’re hoping to put this content out ASAP, but have a few details to work through, so please bear with us! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us through protonmail if you have questions about the process or specific needs. We aren’t experts, but we’re working with a team of folks that are – people we trust – and we’re trying to get this information out safely and quickly.