#LetUsSurvive: How to Help Fight SESTA This Week

Poster from the Stop FOSTA/SESTA Campaign with a raised red fist with text that says "Call Your Senators" and "Text 'Resist' to 50409"

What is SESTA?

SESTA (Senate Bill 1693) would close online platforms for the sex industry. Being able to work online (and thus, indoors) is for most folks, the best method of harm reduction. This applies to everyone trading sex, wherever they are on the spectrum of choice, circumstance, and coercion. State Attorneys General have already talked about wanting to take sites like Backpage down, and this bill would give them the tools to do that. The bill attacks visible platforms for online sex work, and it is a moment for all sex workers to stand in solidarity. If it’s Backpage today, it could be Pornhub tomorrow.

This is the beginning of a long term struggle to shift the narrative. People who hate sex workers want to pretend criminalizing us will stop trafficking. It won’t. In fact, it makes our community more vulnerable to trafficking. It makes it harder to identify and support trafficking victims. The best defense against trafficking is a safe, strong, connected community. We all know housing and anti-poverty work are what prevents trafficking in the first place, not closing down a website.

Poster from the Stop FOSTA/SESTA Campaign with a raised red fist with text that says "Call Your Senators" and "Text 'Resist' to 50409"

Call (BOTH OF) Your Senators (Multiple Times)

We’re going to be posting on twitter under the hashtag #LetUsSurvive, but the real push is for everyone to call their senators. Seriously, call. The call volume in each Senator’s office helps determine meeting priorities. Even if we’re lobbying and doing work on our end, if people aren’t calling and making their voices heard as constituents, our opposition to SESTA is seen as just another niche issue that can be written off. Don’t let this happen. Find your senator’s contact info here. Find out if your senator is a cosponsor of the bill here. 

Not sure what to say? We’ve got a call script for you!

Call Script for SESTA. Plain text below. “Hi, my name is ____________ and I live in ___________ (state). I’m calling to urge Congressperson ____________ to vote NO on SESTA, Senate Bill 1693. I am a [loved one of a/parent of a/service provider to/an ally of] sex worker[s] and this bill would compromise the lives of people who trade sex, including trafficking victims, by taking away the platforms people are using to stay safe. I am calling to ask you not to put [me/my community/my loved one/my child] in danger of  greater violence and victimization. Please vote no on this terribly misguided bill, which is expected to be voted on March 12. Thank you for your time!”

Additional Reading

Looking for reading materials, things to add into your tweetstorm, or literature to convince someone who’s not well-read on sex work and trafficking? Look no further!

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